Papers / Projects


  • Analyzing billion-objects catalog interactively: Apache Spark for physicists, Stéphane Plaszczynski, Julien Peloton, Christian Arnault, Jean-Eric Campagne, arXiv:1807.03078.
  • FITS Data Source for Apache Spark, Julien Peloton, Christian Arnault, Stéphane Plaszczynski, arXiv:1804.07501.

Conferences and meetings

AstroLab projects were featured in:

  • 11/2019: Dark Energy Workshop (Paris)
  • 10/2019: Spark + AI Summit 2019 (Amsterdam)
  • 10/2019: GdR ondes gravitationnelles (Lyon)
  • 09/2019: TS2020 III (Paris)
  • 07/2019: Apache Spark tutorials (University of Sussex)
  • 06/2019: LSST broker workshop (Seattle)
  • 06/2019: LSST France (Clermont-Ferrand)
  • 02/2019: University of Sussex (University of Sussex).
  • 01/2019: LPC Physics seminar (Clermont-Ferrand). Info here.
  • 12/2018: HSF Software Forum (CERN), meeting. Info here.
  • 10/2018: Spark + AI Summit 2018, London UK. Info here.
  • 10/2018: Journées Informatique IN2P3/IRFU, Port-bail FR. Info here (in French).
  • 07/2018: Analytics WG meeting (CMS, CERN), Geneva. Info here.
  • 05/2018: Statistical challenges for large-scale structure in the era of LSST, Oxford UK. Info here.


You can find proposals for internships:

Google Summer of Code

  • GSoC 2019: Project Fast and reactive broker for astronomy based on Apache Spark. Julien Peloton, Christian Arnault, Julius Hrivnac mentors for this project.
  • GSoC 2018: Project Spark3D: Extend Apache Spark to support 3D Spatial Datasets. Julien Peloton, Christian Arnault mentors for this project.